I support our great President Donald J. Trump and his America First agenda. I’m a very proud American, I come from a family of Italian and Spanish hard-working business-owning Republicans. I was born and raised in California and am committing to making California Great, safe, and prosperous again.

Deanna Lorraine
  • I support the border Wall and a tight, common-sense border security and Immigration policy. I will fight to get The Wall built and have an immigration system that reduces illegal immigration and keeps American citizens safe and prosperous. I am for a MERIT-based immigration system, ending the Visa lottery, chain migration, and catch-and-release.
  • JOBS: Let’s get the homeless and unemployed off the streets, off of government dependencies and into jobs! Jobs create pride, loyalty to America and happier lives. #HomelessToHopeful
  • I will always stand for the National Anthem and will promote patriotism and love of country among Americans. I believe the only way Americans can truly heal and unify is to restore a shared love of America and its exceptionalism once again.
  • Fix the massive Opioid Crisis. A close family member has been battling with Oxycontin addiction on and off for the last decade, so this issue is very close to my heart and I know that millions of Americans are struggling with this privately every day -regardless of their political beliefs
  • Reduce Human & Sex Trafficking - This another one of those real problems that is affecting ALL Americans that we should come together on


I am committed to restoring the American Family, the Institute of Marriage, and unifying relationships between men and women. I believe strong relationships and strong families create a strong America. Our country is in a crisis of broken families and fatherless homes, and we need to restore these crucial elements to improve our country’s prosperity

Deanna Lorraine
  • The first step is to encourage Americans to get married and have families. I will introduce what I call The Pro-Marriage & Family TAX CODE: which will include REMOVING the ‘Marriage Penalty tax,’ so Americans don’t get punished financially for getting married. I will also increase the Child Tax Credit
  • Fix the Broken Family Court System: We want to encourage families staying together, staying committed, and working on their marriages. I believe that the current debate over toughening our divorce laws is a healthy one, and deserves our renewed attention due to the massive toll divorce takes on our economy, children, and the ripple effects to the communities.
  • I want to revisit the impact of No-Fault Divorce laws, and perhaps tightening them, to encourage couples to give it more thought and effort to stay married. As a child of divorce parents I am passionate about having a country that encourages families staying together rather than quick and easy divorce:
  • But in the event a couple does decide to get divorced, I will introduce a 50/50 Shared Custody Presumption, so children can have a strong relationship with both parents, we can avoid long ugly battles over child custody, and reduce parental alienation and fatherless homes. Children need to see both parents on a regular basis and parents have a right to see and raise their own children - yet as the system stands right now, the courts favor women in custody cases and women get majority custody in 80% of the time; Parental alienation and false accusations often ensue, and this leads to many fatherless homes. We need to fix this broken system so children have the best shot at having strong relationships with both parents despite divorce


We need to save the principles and Values that made America so Exceptional if we want to restore California and America

Deanna Lorraine
  • The PROTECT AMERICA'S CHILDREN & FAMILIES ACT: In order to restore our culture, we need to engrain strong traditional values in our children once again. I believe morals, sex, and gender should be taught by loving parents in the home - not by Planned Parenthood or radical Leftist "teachers." So I will introduce the "Protect America's Children & Families Act," which will include removing or reducing the "mandatory" Sexuality, Abortion and Gender curriculum from schools and tax-payer money; Removing Planned Parenthood and GLSEN's curriculum in schools, and require parental approval and choice to withdraw child from classes when inappropriate material is presented.
  • I will also be a fierce fighter of Defending Religious Liberty. We need to ensure that no federal agency can discriminate against any individuals or institutions who adhere to their religious beliefs or speech. We may not always love what someone has to say, but they have the God-given inalienable right to say it. THAT is America. That is what makes America EXCEPTIONAL.
  • DEFEND FREE SPEECH: I will fight to ensure that America remains a nation of total Free Speech. I will be calling for the end of Censorship of Free Speech, especially of Conservatives and Conservative ideas.
  • I am calling for the big tech monopolies of Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter and Apple to be broken up. These social media giants ARE the only ‘Public square,' and their power has become dangerous to our liberty. There is no precedent for their ability to monitor, organize and censor the conversations of everyone around the world. We all know how dangerous this is to shaping narratives, pushing agendas, changing public opinions, and even influencing elections - so it's time we step in and break these companies up.